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We appreciate you choosing CENTRAL as your weekend celebration destination. Once you have filled out the VIP guest list for everyone in your group, your guests will receive a confirmation SMS text invitation with details about the night saving you the headache of texting each person to explain our dress code, our policy’s and the cover charge special they will receive. Come enjoy a stress free, fun event by letting Central nightclub do all the work organizing your group with our state of the art SMS software. Central will immediately inform all your friends by SMS text you have set up a guest list for them. On the evening of your event we will send out a follow-up reminder to everyone in your group. Let us help you organize a flawless night out and let your guests enjoy discounted cover before 11:30 to our fantastic venue. Please note: we ask each guest to show their confirmation text and bar code they received from Central in order to bypass the line and enjoy discounted cover charge (we no longer use lists at the door) so if you do not fill out your guests name and their proper cell number we will be unable to send the confirmation text to your guest to show at the door. Thank you!

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